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Do you want to win?


As a business leader, investor, analyst, author and speaker, Greg Collier has been up close and personal with top executives, celebrities, athletes, humanitarians, and world leaders. A common theme among them is each planned for success.


Success requires a plan, not just action!


At fourteen years old, Greg met author and civil rights activist James Baldwin. Over the years he's been fortunate enough to meet many more amazing people. The keen insight gained by Greg helps him achieve new goals, inspire others, and serve his community.


Greg helps people win!



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A groundbreaking book



"Astonishing, tear-jerking, and thought provoking!"

"A personal development and mental toughness masterpiece!"

Investor, Analyst, Author & Speaker



"Follow your dreams, don't listen to unconstructive criticism, don't live within parameters of mediocrity defined by others, and success will stare you right in the face: go grab it!" 

—Greg Collier



"...you must choose your destiny, for better or for worse."

—Greg Collier

Helping People Win For More Than 20 Years!

New York - Palm Beach



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